Congratulations to the first 2 successful applicants to be selected for WTR 2016.


Congratulations to the first 2 successful applicants to be selected for WTR 2016. They are also the lucky winners of 2 autographed copies of Shyam Selvadurai's Many Roads Through Paradise.

Write to Reconcile is looking for emerging Sri Lankan and Diasporic Writers!
Only 2 1/2 Weeks Left to Apply!


With about 2 ½ weeks left before its application deadline of April 29th, Write to Reconcile, a free creative writing programme focussed on reconciliation in Sri Lanka, is already receiving many submissions from those interested in participating. The organizers urge emerging and new writers and poets from Sri Lanka and the Diaspora to send in their entries soon. The first 12 successful applicants who apply before April 24th....

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Write to Reconcile Increases Access for Emerging Writers from the Sri Lankan Diaspora

2015 Press Release diaspora

Write to Reconcile, a free creative writing project with an emphasis on reconciliation is looking for writers from the Sri Lankan Diaspora between the ages of 18-29 who are interested in participating online in this innovative creative writing project, inaugurated and taught by the internationally renowned writer Shyam Selvadurai. The award winning writer, Nayomi Munaweera, is also part of the creative team.

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Daily News | March 29, 2016

One evening in Toronto… begins Shyam Selvadurai his introduction to the second anthology of Write to Reconcile, and shares a tale he heard from Ajahn Brahm (see box story: The tale of seven monks by Ajahn Brahm). The tale had offered him inspiration on a platter while he was in the middle of editing the anthology. Selvadurai grasped the key elements of Ajahn’s tale: ‘other side’. That concept of hearing the ‘other side’ viewpoint kept him spellbound.

He saw the anthology writings in a new light. While a Sinhalese participant could picture the life of a violated Tamil girl, a Muslim participant could....

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Write to Reconcile opens up to broader participation

The Sunday Times | March 27, 2016

With each new edition of Write to Reconcile, Shyam Selvadurai becomes more ambitious for his writers, more determined to support stories that hold up a mirror to Sri Lanka as it is now. The free creative writing programme which he runs has already produced two anthologies and it kicks off its new year with an emphasis on post-war themes and greater diaspora involvement. Beginning March 29, interested writers are encouraged to apply for the programme. Only 25 slots are available.

For his part, Selvadurai is getting ready to welcome the new recruits. He tells the Sunday Times that the Write to Reconcile team just returned from a trip to Anuradhapura where the team scoped....

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Write to Reconcile announces its exciting new programme

In The Sunday Times | March 24, 2016

Write to Reconcile, a free creative writing programme with an emphasis on reconciliation, begins its third consecutive programme on March 29 with some exciting new changes: an emphasis on post war themes and also greater diaspora involvement.

In addition, the award-winning writer, Nayomi Munaweera, will join the Project Director, the internationally renowned Sri Lankan author, Shyam Selvadurai, to form the creative team behind the Project....

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Creative writing for reconciliation

In The Sunday Observer | March 08, 2015

“War is something that I despise Because it means destruction of innocent lives War means tears in thousands of mothers’ eyes When their sons go out to fight and lose their lives...” Edwin Starr

These lyrics of Edwin Starr came to my mind while listening to the words of internationally renowned author Shyam Selvadurai at the launch of the Write to Reconcile Anthology II which was held recently at the BMICH....

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The Nuts And Bolts Of Reconciliation

In The Sunday Leader | January 26, 2014

Born in 1965 to a Sinhalese mother and a Tamil father, Shyam Selvadurai left Sri Lanka for Canada in 1983 at age 19. Since then, his name has been noted for being one of the most distinguished authors of Sri Lankan origin. Tackling issues such as ethnicity and sexual identity, his most famous work Funny Boy is still a favourite among Colombo's literary, and received the Books In Canada First Novel Award.

Shyam studied creative writing while reading for his Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University in 1989, and would go on to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at University of British Columbia in 2010. Throughout his writing career, Shyam has engaged in teaching the craft of writing at workshops, taken on the role of juror at competitions, mentored entire novels for Diaspora Dialogues Toronto, and has been a Writer In Residence at University of Guelph, McMaster University, and Green College, University of British Columbia.

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Write to Reconcile anthology – Shyam gearing to do it all over again

In The Sunday Times | January 05, 2014

On January 6, Write to Reconcile's second edition kicks off with a call for applications. At the helm once again is internationally acclaimed author Shyam Selvadurai. Shyam undertook the project for the first time in 2013 in conjunction with the National Peace Council and with the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the American Centre who will be returning as sponsors this year. Together, they recruited young, emerging Sri Lankan writers interested in exploring 'the issues of conflict, peace, reconciliation, memory and trauma' through literature and writing. Through residential workshops, cultural tours and dedicated mentoring, they produced the first Write to Reconcile anthology – and now they're gearing up to do it all over again.

To be conducted in English, the programme is open to all Sri Lankans, dual citizens or members of the Sri Lankan diaspora between the ages of 18 – 29 years who have at least one parent of Sri Lankan origin. The age stipulations will be waived away for all secondary school and university teachers who live and teach in Sri Lanka. Shyam knows what he's looking for in candidates and it's not a perfect grasp of English. "I can help participants,

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Shyam Selvadurai's 'Write to reconcile' project gives authors 'an equal space' to share their experiences of the war

The Sunday Times | 8 September 2013

When a friend told Nifraz Rifaz about Shyam Selvadurai's 'Write to reconcile' project, he wasn't certain he would be able to spare the time – there were the demands of his job in banking and the three degrees he was pursuing simultaneously; also recently engaged, Nifraz now had his wedding to plan. But standing before the audience this week at the launch of the 'Write to reconcile' anthology, Nifraz was clearly glad he had made the effort.

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The Write to Reconcile Anthology Launch

E-Lankanews | 4 September 2013

The National Peace Council, in conjunction with the internationally renowned Sri Lankan author, Shyam Selvadurai, is pleased to announce the launch of the Write to Reconcile Anthology on September 4th 2013 at the 80 Club, 25 Independence Avenue, Colombo 7.

Write to Reconcile is a creative writing project that brought together 24 Sri Lankan writers who were interested in writing creative pieces (fiction, memoir or poetry) on the issues of conflict, peace, reconciliation, trauma and memory, as they relate to Sri Lanka in the war and post-war period. The anthology is a result of the work these participants honed over the course of two residential creative writing workshops and two online forums.

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Write to Reconcile: Colombo-Jaffna

Voices For Reconciliation (Niki's post) | 18 April 2013

Write to Reconcile is a new initiative developed by Sri Lankan author Shyam Selvadurai, which brought together 25 young people from different parts of Sri Lanka (and the Sri Lankan diaspora) and from different ethnic and religious backgrounds to participate in two residential workshops on creative writing in Colombo and Jaffna.

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Building bridges creatively - Shyam Selvadurai

In Sunday Times | Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shyam Selvadurai first began to think of the Write to Reconcile project when he was still curator of the Galle Literary Festival. The award-winning author of three novels, Shyam says the part of the Festival he most enjoyed was taking the children's author and story teller Jeeva Ragunath down to Jaffna. As curator, Shyam was also proud of launching the North South University Collaboration that had students from across the island gathering at the Festival to experience it in each other's company.

"Meeting the students who participated in this event was also inspiring and it made me want to take a programme like that to another level of even deeper engagement," Shyam told the Sunday Times in an email. "I wanted to use creative writing as a medium to build bridges."

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